FAQs About Joining our club

What are the benefits of joining the club?     
 You will receive a Club Yearbook with all members' listings and other information.

Members are continually kept up to date of relevant cavy related happenings via the club's Facebook group 

Email communication is used to make sure the membership gets the information about show stuff, lodging, etc. 

           Only club members may have their websites linked on the Club Website.                                                                    

           You will get referrals from interested buyers even if you do not have a website or e-mail.         
  If you show, you may participate in a sweepstakes contest for points earned at NCCBA
        sponsored shows (divisions for both open and youth).    

   You will have the chance to meet and become friends with a great group of cavy lovers.                                                                                                 

How much does it cost?       
    One year membership is $15 for family, $10 for adult, and $5 for youth under 18 years.  

 Is the Club only for North Carolina Residents?
Anyone may join. One of the nice things about our small club is the diversity of Members's 
on the East Coast.   Most of our members live in the Carolinas, GA, TN, AL, KY, VA and FL.

Do you have club meetings?

Yes and no, we used to have email meetings and with technology we have moved our format
 to utilize Facebook "event" format to host meetings recently. We used to conduct meetings 
  4-times a year: January, April, July, and November in the past. 

I only have pets, or I have no cavies, but I am interested in them - is this club for me?

    Most members breed and show their cavies, but we do have members with pets.
    or ones who just enjoy hearing about cavies and cavy fanciers.

What do I do to join?


Print, or email, or copy and paste the form to the Secretary Melissa Deitrich at NCCBASec@yahoo.com. Please ask Melissa for her address if mailing the application. 

Our club does accept dues via PayPal, please email the secretary for the club's PayPal address. Which is the preferred form of payment. BUT please plan to send as friends and family. ***(minimum for PayPal - $10***

Name:_____________________________________   Date:___________________



Other names if family membership: ____________________________________________

Caviary :________________________________URL:________________________________

Breeds raised: _________________________________________________________________________


Do you wish to participate in e-mail meetings?    Yes     No

*One Year membership:  Adult _______$10    Family _______$15    Youth (under 18) _________$5

Please note you may pay for multiple years of membership at any time. 

Watch for your Yearbook in the mail as a signal that your application has been received.



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