• What are the benefits of joining the club?                                                   
  You will receive a Club Yearbook with all members' listings and other information
  You will receive  two Newsletters in the year and e-mail updates  as needed..
           Only club members may have their websites linked on the Club Website.                                                                    You will get referrals from interested buyers even if you do not have a website or e-mail.                                
   If you show, you may participate in a sweepstakes contest for points earned at NCCBA
        sponsored  shows (divisions for both  open and youth).    
   You will have the chance to meet and become friends with a great group of cavy lovers.                                                                                                 
  •  How much does it cost?                                                                                     
    One year membership is $15 for family, $10 for Adult, and $5 for youth under 18 years  

  •   Is the Club only for North Carolina Residents?
    Anyone may join.  Most of our members live in the Carolinas, GA, TN, VA and FL.
  • Do you have club meetings?
    Yes!  If you have an e-mail address you may participate in the meetings we conduct, usually
    4 times a year: January, April, July, and November. 
  • I only have pets or I have no cavies but I am interested in them - is this club for me?
    Most members breed and show their cavies, but we do have members with pets
    or ones who just enjoy hearing about cavies and cavy fanciers.

  • What do I do to join?
    Fill out and mail the application to the secretary.


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